Science is primitive II

Here’s a foundational question to ask ourselves: “How do we know what exists outside the constraints of our human brains?” — People generally don’t have an answer and I must say, I enjoy that silence. I enjoy making people think just as much as I enjoy anyone who can make me think

Welcome to the rabbithole. Eventually, you realize that anything(and I do mean absolutely anything) is theoretically possible


6 thoughts on “Science is primitive II”

  1. All that exists is known by sensations. First you find an apple by touch, sight or smell….then you bite it chew it and swallow it accompanied by these sensations. It seems a pretty phony argument if you want to imagine after this that the apple never existed.
    And don’t forget after eighteen to twenty four hours later you will shit the apple out as an artifact of what it was.

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    1. I appreciate your response. I’m trying to think of the proper way to reply to it and I hope I can explain myself as well as I desire to…Our physical senses are vital. They help us navigate the physical world, they help us experience pleasures of all sorts, but to me, they’re primarily a survival mechanism. For instance if we’re walking down an empty street at night and someone approaches us with the intent to mug us or worse, murder us for no reason at all, we need all our senses to keep us alive. In fact, when we’re in a dire situation, our physical sense go into hyperdrive and our brains process things a million times faster than normal. We’re in survival mode
      But that’s the physical world. My question was about how we know what exists outside our perception. How do we know that our physical senses are the only senses that can exist or that do exist? To believe so would be to believe that our brains are capable of seeing and understanding all that exists. But how could we make such a claim?
      Scientifically and mathematically speaking, there are multiple dimensions. Imagine trying to explain time to a being from the 1st dimension. Lol. They would not be able to conceive of it. It would be completely beyond them. We’re not in the highest dimension. In fact, we’re in the lower-middle. So just imagine what can be perceived in the highest dimensions that we can’t perceive


  2. Think of yourself as a node embedded in a face to face network of seven billion and that all knowledge is based on sensations flowing through the network.
    I’m not confident about other dimensions because they are simply the assumptions made to make String Theory work and have never been proven empirically.

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    1. Think of it like this… how can you rationally say that the entirety of existence is in your perception? The assumption you’re making is that your brain is capable of perceiving all that is, and that’s a very grandiose assumption. If you just don’t care about what you can’t perceive, that’s another matter. But if you truly believe you can perceive all with such finite brain, that’s the grandest assumption one can make
      The idea of ‘dimensions’ is simply how we as humans perceive the universe. We try to put it into neat little equations, in maths, but it just doesn’t work. A brick wall is reached
      Just question yourself… what exists outside of your perception? Theoretically, if other beings existed in the universe, would they necessarily think the way we do? We’re limited to the capacities of our brains and our brains are not nearly as powerful as we think, or we want to think

      To me, it just seems foolish to assume that our brains are capable of understand, conceiving existence, all that is extant. What if other beings in the universe do exist and we’re basically like pets to them because we’re just so simple?


      1. I never said that human wisdom was capable of understanding reality.
        All thought that is academically acceptable is based upon either the symbology of mathematics or the symbology of linguistics. Either form uses symbology and appropriate rule sets for their application and neither is reality in just the same way a map is not the terrain, but a symbol of it laid out in a plain(explain).
        When you consider this in respect to the field of physics known as Information Theory, that all reality is just information you confuse thought with reality. It’s truly frightening that Information Theory is just another example of the tendency of man to confuse thought with reality.
        And so you might eat the apple, and be confident of this as a fact but you have to be extremely careful with other claims made within the network.


  3. So if human wisdom isn’t capable of understanding reality, then how can you say that all that exists is felt in our physical senses?


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