The Power of Words


I’m gonna be posting a series of blog posts exploring the power of words as I’ve come to see it. This power is real and it’s a power many people exercise without even realizing it, for better or for worse, but my goal is to help people become more aware of something primordial that exists within us all where the world is essentially wordless and uncategorical as well as the power of our intention and how we can use words with power in a more pure, unmarred manner

This subject is so complex and overarching that I find it impossible to write in a single blogpost. I also warn that this concept will be one I’m continuously exploring for life and I’ll more likely than not have to update and add to my posts A LOT!!

Here, I’ll be posting links to specific posts as I go along until I feel I’m done for the time being

And here we go!!

A world without words — Unpacking our assumptions as to what constitutes a reality

Godspeed you

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